Ultrasonic Lipolysis

A safe and simple “walk-in , walk-out” office-based procedure.

A painless non-invasive option when surgery is not desired.

Clinically tested treatment areas included and abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, arms.

No downtime, no recuperation period and no maintenance treatments.

Lose upto 10 cms in just 1 hr only

Non-surgical Permanent fat reduction from

– Tummy
– Thighs
– Face
– Hips
– Arms
– Chin

[Spot Reduction] U.S.A. FDA Approved

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as Ultrasonic Lipolysis, involves the use of ultrasonic waves that allows you to reduce localized adiposity (fat), tearing the connections of the fat cells that will eventually be disposed through the lymphatic system.

All parts of the body where localized adiposity resides; therefore thighs, abdomen (stomach), love-handles, double-chin and buttocks are the most appropriate sites but there’s no real limitation regarding body areas. It’s also good for treating cellulite.