Mesotherapy can be used to define the appearance of the legs, arms, hands, back and abdomen along with contouring the body and shaping it.

Most often people notice that their skin starts to lose its definition and youthful appearance with the advancement in age. This is basically a result of fat built up, damage from other factors as sunlight cause the skin to lose its elasticity, development of sun spots, pigmentation and fine lines. Mesotherapy for Fat Reduction here aims to rejuvenate your body shape.

Mesotherapy is meant for localized fat reduction which is difficult to remove by other methods, like love handles, fat concentrated under the umbilicus on the belly, or on the sides of the waist, under the chin etc.Liposuction on the other hand is for fat removal from large areas of the body like the buttocks, entire abdomen, thighs, etc.Diet plans and lifestyle modification will add to the results of mesotherapy and will prevent redeposit of fat.

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